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How to work with Menu-Items, Shopbar-Categories


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#1 mrrcomp


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Geschrieben: 27 December 2022 - 10:30



HOw can i adjust the width of the menu line that displays all the categories ? Curently it doesn't show  the last few letters of the last category



See my test site at





#2 stefanmueller


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Geschrieben: 27 December 2022 - 11:05



thank you for posting your example. That is a regular question. We simply suggest do just have max. a few top categories, so maybe you could find a way to group your more than 10 categories into a fewer? As research shows shop users do not use shop categories on theri mobile devices so much today, a good auto-complete shop searchengine like our Mega Search Plus is more relevant in that case. Then you have the added complexity of different scripts, where smartstore helps you with a great right-to-left layout out-of-the-box. (see screenshot). So less is obviously better then?



Get Mega Search Plus to give your customers the benefit of amazon/google-like search engine features and automated suggestions. Its available as a commercial addon to community edition, from Smartstore.


Maybe you can use our CMS Page Builder (commercial add on from us) to feature the left out items in an attractive way. That should be done anyways!


Perhaps you want to save some time translating your shop to many more languages? Why not just "have it done"? --> Get Smartstore Translator with the power of deepl translate service. 



Greetings, Stefan



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