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Paypal Direct Sandbox

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Geschrieben: 12 April 2021 - 06:54

We are having some issue during order check out, but only when a credit card is processed.  The order completes 100%.  I'm convinced that it is because of customization that we have done, but we are having problem tracking it down.  It only occurs when we checkout using paypal direct.  This because ugly using a live card for testing so we try to turn on sandbox.  If we do that then we get a failed message:


  • Unfortunately we can not handle this purchasing via your preferred payment method. Please select an alternate payment option to complete your order.
  • Short message: Security error (10002).
    Full message: Security header is not valid


Works fine if we turn off sandbox though.  Any trick to allowing the order to complete in sandbox mode?  Do we have to change anything on the paypal account?