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This plugin provides an interface to the multi-channel marketing provider BeezUP by allowing you to export product data into the XML and CSV feed format specified by BeezUP. Thanks to BeezUP being compliant with over 1000 channels throughout the world, your product catalog can be published to any chosen channel in only one click.
More sales through marketplaces
More than the half of all purchases over the internet will be conducted in marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Yatego or Rakuten. The placement of your own products within these marketplaces can increase your sales revenue massively.
More visitors price comparison portals
The majority of online shoppers is using price comparison websites to find good offers for the products they want to purchase. Therefore a good placement of products within these websites is essential for every shop owner. BeezUP connects your shop to a vast variety of these portals.
Connect to affiliates 
BeezUP is additionally supporting of all the important affiliate portals and thus allows you to publish and manage your product catalog for affiliates.

Demo mode
You can test this plugin before you purchase it. Just free download the plugin for this purpose. After the plugin is installed in your shop it is initially located in demo mode.
In demo mode the plugin is, if not otherwise specified, fully functional during a test period of 30 days. During and after the trial period expires, you can, unlock the plugin by purchasing a license key for a full version.
In demo mode, the maximum number of exportable products is limited to 20.
Please contact us for a price inquiry.

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