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"Customer has selected Shipping Option" Discount Rule 3.2.2
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With the "Customer has selected Shipping Option" discount rule you can offer savings to your customers if they select a certain shipping option.    
Discount requirement: “Customer has selected Shipping Option”
This plugin is a discount requirement rule. It enables you to assign discounts based on shipping options. This way you can e.g. encourage and reward your customers to select your preferred shipping-carrier. 
You can test every function of this plugin before the purchase. Therefore you can download the plugin for free. After you’ve installed the plugin (how to install a plugin) it will initially be in the demo mode. In the demo mode the plugin will be fully functional for a duration of 30 days as long as not stated otherwise. 
During this time and also after the demo mode period has expired you can upgrade the plugin to the full version anytime. By the purchase of a license key.


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