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#1 netroskop



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Geschrieben: 23 January 2023 - 11:47

In a module I developed, I override product prices according to certain values ​​of the user.
But when I activate the output cache module, all users see the same special price. Because output cache route key is same.
Is it possible to keep the user values ​​that I developed with a different querystring in OutputCache?

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#2 Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog

    SmartStore AG

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Geschrieben: 30 January 2023 - 20:19



I assume you are working with Smartstore 5?
First I need to know how you display the price.
Have you built a ViewComponent or your own PriceCalculator? 
Or do you manipulate the model by filter? Or have you overwritten the PriceCalculationServie?
Because of the problem described, I'm assuming a ViewComponent.
Actually, this should not be cached by default unless you have registered a CachableRoute. 
We have changed some of the code for the output cache in the last few days, as we have also noticed a problem here.
Can you still reproduce the problem with the current code from Branch 5.x?

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Michael Herzog
Smartstore AG

#3 netroskop



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Geschrieben: Gestern, 06:50

Hello Mr. Herzog. Yes I am working with v5. We show price by overriding some methods of PriceCalculationServie.


But for example, while X product is 5€ on the homepage for customer A, it should be 7€ for customer B.


However, everyone sees the price of the product as 5€, as the 5€ that appears for customer A who first visits the page is cached.


On the other hand, we want to cache the relevant routing in terms of performance. But for this route, the existing
- c(currency)
- s(storeId)
- l(languageId)
If we add an additional variable to fields such as, we can create a special cache only for that customer. What I want to know is whether this is possible.

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