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Products with Options - not all combinations valid

Products Options Invalid

Best Answer Marcus Gesing , 05 March 2021 - 11:36

By deactivating the relevant attribute combination (see option "Is active").

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#1 dstove



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Geschrieben: 05 March 2021 - 03:03


I'm setting up Smartstore for the first time.

I have stocked products that have a number of options, but not all combinations are valid. Here is the Scenario.


Product code is PROD.

Options are Size (1,2,3) and Colour ([B]lack and [W]hite.


Product codes are PROD-1-B, PROD-2-B, PROD-2-W, PROD-3-B and PROD-3-W


Note that there is No option available for Size 1 in White.


I have no problem with the available options, when the attributes are selected in the store, the correct product code is selected and added to the cart.


HOWEVER - if the user selects, Size 1, White  - the base PROD product is added to the cart, which is invalid. How can I set it so that the 'Add to Cart' button is greyed out, or an error message is displayed to show the option isn't available?


Product Type is set as Simple

Inventory Method is set to track inventory by product attributes

Attribute Choice is set to Grey out unavailable Attributes


I hope that I don't 'have to set up all the SKUs individually!





#2 Marcus Gesing

Marcus Gesing

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Geschrieben: 05 March 2021 - 11:36   Best Answer

By deactivating the relevant attribute combination (see option "Is active").

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