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Issue with Product Variants & Linked Product

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#1 CompleteCoders


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Geschrieben: 20 October 2020 - 03:50

So I have an attribute setup and the option set has all the attributes set as a linked product.  When I look at the option set on the product I created I can see the linked products.  But when I add the item to the cart, it looks identical to how it looks when I don't use a linked product.  My understanding from the documents is that when you use a linked product then the linked product gets added to the cart instead of the container product.


From the docs I read: "When you choose the value type Product instead of Simple, you can add a product as a variant value which will be added automatically to the basket when the customer chooses the attribute."


Any suggestions on how to get the linked product added to the cart?




#2 Marcus Gesing

Marcus Gesing

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Geschrieben: 20 October 2020 - 12:48

This is a wrong information in the documentary. The linked product will not be placed in the shopping cart. The attribute remains an attribute. Only some data of the linked product like price and weight are taken into account in the calculations.
Placing a linked product in the shopping cart is only possible for bundles if the option "Bundle item individually in the shopping cart" is activated.

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