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Guest order records are taken over when register for an account

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#1 TripleNico


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Geschrieben: 20 May 2020 - 08:13

We noticed a strange behaviour or it is by design that can be reproduce:


  1. Open a browser in private mode
  2. Create a new order and checkout as guest
  3. After the order is placed register for an account (we only ask for Firstname, Lastname, Email and optional Companyname and VAT Number)
  4. Now click on the Activate account link in the email that you received
  5. Logon to your newly created account
  6. Go to My Account, here you can see all your details from the previous "guest session" are taken over. Like the adresses used for your order you placed as guest. It seems like a handy feature but it isn't logical from a customer and privacy viewpoint. Since the user never gave in this information during the registration of an account just only ask Firstname, Lastname, Email and optional Companyname and VAT Number.

So is this behaviour or somekind of bug ?

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#2 Marcel Schmidt

Marcel Schmidt

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Geschrieben: 02 June 2020 - 14:29



whenever a customer starts a session without having an account, a guest user is created for this customer. (I think there is an option to disable guest accounts in backend)

If that customer orders something now, the order is associated to this guest user account.

On registration, the customers "guest account" is used to create the user account. If the session is the same, the same guest user with those orders is used. Therefore the newly created account has the previous order included.


Best regards

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