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Anyone else have issues managing multi-store sites

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Geschrieben: 07 May 2019 - 17:24

Curious if there are other people having the same issues that we are.  When we run multiple large sites on the same instance of Smart Store our users sometimes forget to limit a product to a store, or applying ACL when we have 20-30 roles becomes ugly.  


To me life would be easier if we had the ability to select which store we are modifying when we go into different areas of the site.  I envision a drop down in the top corner of the site that lists the stores.  Then when you are adding a product for instance that product is automatically limited to the store and selected onto the store you are currently selected on.  When you search for a product/customer it will automatically be limited to the store that Admin is selected on. 


Same thing with other parts of the system.  Roles, Payment Methods, Languages.  My team is considering implementing such a feature and then giving it back to the community.  Obviously this will be a big undertaking and wondering if other people find it worthy of coding.