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Grid Spacing/Gutter

grid spacing margin gutter

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#1 alienadam



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Geschrieben: 07 March 2017 - 08:12

Hello, I'm having trouble reducing the spacing (gutter) around span8 elements suing the built in config items in theme.config.


Currently I see these values


    <!-- Layout -->
    <Var name="GridSettings" type="Select#GridSettings">5/14/5</Var>
    <Var name="GridColumnWidth" type="String">20px</Var> 
    <Var name="GridGutterWidth" type="String">20px</Var>
    <Var name="GridColumnWidth1200" type="String">20px</Var>
    <Var name="GridGutterWidth1200" type="String">30px</Var>   
Which I interpreted to mean that when the container is greater than 1200px wide, the columns would be 20px wide with a 30px gutter. This makes no sense to me. When I change these values, nothing logical happens.
Can someone please explain the purpose of these variables? I can't understand how the less is using them.
Any help most appreciated.