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Adding items on footer and changing text depending the language

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Geschrieben: 24 August 2016 - 09:39

Hello, i have a problem with my SmartStore and i would like some help if possible


I have created some new topics on the CMS and i want to add them on the footer of my store.


I know that i should add them on my Views/Common/Footer.cshtml and i have


However i cannot find a way to change their text when i change the language of the page


i have something like this on my Footer.cshtml file

@if (Model.TopicPageUrls.ContainsKey("Test"))
                                <li><a href="@Model.TopicPageUrls["Test"]">@T("Test")</a></li>

where do i have to specify the value for the language change?



Please close, sorry for the new topic i found the solution.


Just in case anybody has the same problem i had, you must be carefull not to use capital letters (as in "Test").


After you set the new item all you have to do is declare the value for the changed text on the language strings located in Configuration -> Regional Settings -> Languages.