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Multiple Stores and Content Slider

slider background multiple stores

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#1 acoltrane2015



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Geschrieben: 19 November 2015 - 22:57

Good evening!


First, thank you for a great and easy to use product. I have a question regarding hosting multiple storefronts.


Ive noticed the fact Easily able to assign resources to one store or the other, with the exception of the background image for the content slider. If I update the image, it updates on Both stores and I dont have to option to assign it to one or the other.


Is there some code you can give me, or someother solution for this?


Thank you in advance!

#2 Wolfgang Schmerge

Wolfgang Schmerge

    SmartStore AG

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Geschrieben: 20 November 2015 - 12:48



welcome in our forum.
This will be possible in a future release.





Viele zusätzliche SmartStore.NET Plugins gibt es im MARKETPLACE:


Die deutsche SmartStore.NET Online-Dokumentation gibt es hier:

In dem folgenden BLOG findet man interessante Tipps & Tricks zum Thema "SmartStore.NET":



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