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Licensing of Plugins

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#1 Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog

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Licensing of Plugins


With version 2.2.0 you have to enter a serial number in the administration area of SmartStore.NET for purchased plugins.


All plugins which are available on the SmartStore Community Marketplace can now be downloaded totally for free and be tested mostly in full scope for a duration of 30 days. There are some exceptions like for instance the Importer which is circumsized to import an amount of only 5 products in the free mode or the export plugins which will only export an amount of 20 products. You can read about the scope of functionality in the details view of the respective plugin in the marketplace (SCM). 


After a period of 30 days within test mode plugins will automatically turn their main functions off and have to be licensed to be used furthermore in full scope.



Your Serial Numbers


After you've logged into the SmartStore Community Forum click into the upper right corner onto your user name and choose the menu item Client Area. Within the client area choose the menu item Purchases on the right. Now you will see all of the plugins you've purchased in the SmartStore Community Marketplace

Michael Herzog
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This is a file server, it can not be used a licensing server. You will need a windows machine to act as a server.
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