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customer "attributes"

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#1 wdcurry


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Geschrieben: 18 July 2014 - 17:20

howdy (yes, i ask lots of questions while learning a tool ;)  ) .. 


On the Customer Settings | Customer Form Fields page, there is a sub header that states:

"You can create and manage the customer form fields available during registration below."



As far as i can tell, you cannot "create" any new attributes. You can enable them for display. This is disappointing as i want to add one that states: __ I wish to be an affiliate .. and this will reduce admin overhead in the task of organizing such folks.


#2 Murat Cakir

Murat Cakir

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Geschrieben: 21 July 2014 - 17:29

Yes, this feature is missing. Please file an issue at Codeplex for this. The implementation is not trivial though, which is also the reason for not supporting it yet (many other things in the pipeline) ;-)

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