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Editing of reports?


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Geschrieben: 17 July 2014 - 00:41

Most notably: the invoice. I see extraneous info that i do not want, most especially because it is not English (i.e. "fon") and the address is not very North American-specific. Currently out of the box, it is {CountryCode (State) - Zip City } ... which is just not very regular.

As well, since i had to create a fictitious country "International" in order to set shipping costs to Canada, the US and "the rest of the world", the fake country code is displayed "xx". This just isn't user-friendly. My use-case is likely fairly common, and the code really should look to a country that is set in shipping, and use that, then look for the wildcard thereafter. This way i could allow all countries in the dropdowns rather than having to hide them.

Perhaps there is a better more logical way?