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Payment Gateway integration plugin

payment gateway plugin integration

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#1 coolsupreeth2001



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Geschrieben: 28 February 2014 - 16:26


I wanted to integrate a payment gateway who's API documentation can be found here. 

Can you please tell me tips and tricks to develop a plugin for the same? It provides three REST based APIs:

  1. Charging API - used for processing the payment
  2. Refund API - used for refunding an existing successful payment
  3. Status Query API - used for verifying the status of an existing payment/refund transaction

#2 smartstoreag



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Geschrieben: 28 February 2014 - 16:34


I'd recommend to copy the simplest plugin that you can find, e.g. CashOnDelivery. Then you have to rename it and perform a project-wide search for CashOnDelivery and rename everything too. Then you have to add your service references to the project. Project->Add->Service Reference->Enhanced->Add Web Reference 

Now you have to choose which type of payment you're implementing there are:
Standard = All payment information is entered on the site
Redirection = A customer is redirected to a third-party site in order to complete the payment
Button = A button is displayed on shopping cart page
StandardAndButton = All payment information is entered on the site and is available via button
You determine the type in the PaymentProcessor->PaymentMethodType 

The button should be rendered in the public view PaymentInfo.cshtml Here you can render a different view when you use the following statement
@if (Model.CurrentPageIsBasket)The main action that happens when the buy now button can be found in PaymentProcessor->ProcessPayment 

Please let me know in this thread if i missed some important information, so other won't have to search.... 
Also regard that the StandardAndButton-Type and also CurrentPageIsBasket is only available with the latest source code.

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