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Push Notification is currently being used by many websites to send important notices to customers who visit the website right on the browser, this becomes common when FireFox and Google Chrome start to support. This type of notification is supported, because push notifications are inherent in previous phone operating systems.

In general, the use of push notifications is more beneficial and optimal than other forms of sending information such as email or text messages, because it hits the user's eyes when they open their browser or open a mobile device. If you do business on the website, it is a very optimal way to invite customers to come back to your website.


Features of OneSignal
OneSignal service is not only completely free, but it also supports quite a few platforms that you can install on the same website, including:
Apple iOS
Google Android
Windows Phone 8.0
Windows Phone 8.1
Amazon Fire
Mac OS X
Google Chrome Extension
Google Chrome & FireFox
Besides, it also supports a lot of great functions such as:
Compose push notifications to your liking.
Option to manually send push notifications when making new posts on WordPress.
Schedule a notification.
Create segment to filter registered users.
Support for notification template.
Support A / B Testing.
There are plugins for WordPress.
So that's why I chose OneSignal and also encourage you to use it.

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