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In order to strengthen the economy in the Corona pandemic and to give the economy a new boost, some countries in the EU such as Germany and Austria have temporarily reduced their VAT rates.

Smartstore shop operators who want to pass on the VAT reduction to their customers and have entered their prices in gross, must either adjust the prices manually or work with a global discount at the checkout that corresponds to the VAT reduction.

We do not want to impose the former on any Smartstore shop operator and the latter causes other problems.

The Smartstore Corona VAT Helper Plugin offers you a more convenient way to do this.

The plugin uses a filter to globally reduce all prices by the respective VAT reduction. The existing prices in the database are not affected. When entering prices for new products, please add the normal VAT as usual, so that the prices are not too low after the VAT reduction from 2021.
It is guaranteed that the reduced prices can also be exported.
You need this plugin,

  • if you are affected by the VAT reduction, and
  • if you wish to pass on the VAT reduction to your customers, and
  • if you have entered the prices in your shop in gross.

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