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GeoBlocker 4.2.0
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Keep control of your traffic and prevent unwanted access


With this plugin you are able to determine who can and cannot access your store.

You can restrict the access by country or IP address


This way, you can just allow traffic from countries that are relevant for you. Maybe you only deliver to the EU but receive traffic from China?
Some companies are only allowed to operate in certain countries. Therefore worldwide traffic is undesirable.
Maybe it's your content that is just licensed in a few countries and copyright regulations force you to comply with access control.
Or maybe your system is simply occupied by bot traffic?


Only deal with traffic that is relevant to you and leave everyone else out.


When a connection gets denied, the user is redirected to 404 (page not found).

IP addresses are weighted higher by the system than countries. This means that a permitted IP from a blocked country can connect, but a blocked IP from a permitted country cannot.


The configuration options are as follows:

  • Decide between Opt-in or Opt-out as the procedure
  • Trust already registered users without further verification
  • Select restricted/allowed countries from the drop-down list
  • Define IPv4 address ranges with placeholders for wildcards
  • Use '*' for any number '?' for a number or number ranges (1-255) to define IPv4 blocks

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