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Personalized Product Recommendations 5.1.0



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Increase your conversion rate and sales through personalization
This plugin provides customers with personalized product recommendations based on real-time shopping behavior and shop interactions. It utilizes 'homepage products' that are automatically and seamlessly replaced by recommended products after the system has found items that are suitable for the customer.
Product recommendations are calculated by the customers' browsing behaviour, such as visiting shop pages, searching or viewing products and especially by interacting with products such as comparing or buying. The resulting data is then used to calculate product relationships and fitting predictions.
The configuration options are as follows:

  • Set a minimum threshold before products are displayed as recommendations
  • Choose a weighting scheme that fits your shop configuration. Select one of the predefined schemes or define your own
  • Sort the recommendations by suitability, price, discount, bestsellers or with upselling - recommendations are in general slightly more expensive than the products the customer has already bought
  • Choose an algorithm to fill empty recommendation slots. This way the list is always full and will be changed without the user noticing
  • Define which exceptions are made. Exclude recently viewed or purchased products as well as products in the wish list or shopping cart
  • Reduce weightings after time without interaction. Recent interactions identify a customers immediate interest more than earlier ones, so you have the option to define a timespan after which weightings get continuously reduced 

The plugin can be tested free of charge for 30 days.
Please contact us for a price inquiry.

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