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If you needed to make some partners and give them some access for making changes and control some special part of your store like changing special products price, number of stock and old price
this is the plugin that you need.
This helps you give access to a special person and let him/her to control the prices of a special brand of products or some range of products. it depends totaly to you that whom can change what.
imagin that you have a multi brand store that each brand has a different sales departments and you want to make works really easy and let each brand make their own prices for their products and save you some time to
do other things, this plugin helps you to introduce a person for special products to have this access to change prices and other options.

How it work:
1.let your partner subscribe in your store
2.take his/her user Id
3.go to the products that you want him/her get access to it.
4.write the user id in specified text box changes
6. now the partner with the user id can change things with in link below:

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