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Allows you to configure your own format for order numbers that fits to your needs.

Order Number Formatter

By default the consecutively, numeric order-id is also the order number. With this plugin you're able to define your own pattern to fulfill your needs. Please keep in mind this pattern only applies to new orders. Orders that we're formerly made can't be changed by the plugin.

Example: The pattern %d-%id creates the number 20131106-00012 which consits of the actual date and the incremented order id. The numbers right before the incremented order-id are being filled according to the order number length with the customizable character which both can be set in the plugin configuration.


You can test every function of this plugin before the purchase. Therefore you can download the plugin for free. After you’ve installed the plugin (how to install a plugin) it will initially be in the demo mode.
In the demo mode the plugin will be fully functional for a duration of 30 days as long as not stated otherwise.

During this time and also after the demo mode period has expired you can upgrade the plugin to the full version anytime. By the purchase of a license key.

Please contact us for a price inquiry.

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