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Atis SSlider 3.1.5
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  • Hochgeladen: Jun 05 2018 11:05
  • Aktualisiert: Jun 12 2018 07:08
  • Dateigröße: 68.3K
  • Aufrufe: 652
  • Käufe: 2
  • Downloads: 17
  • Kompatibel ab Version: 3.1.5
  • Systemname: Atis.SSlider
  • Anbieter: S Ʌ L Ξ H
  • Support: https:/
  • Verfügbare Sprachen: English
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The SSlider widget enables you to assign an own content slider to every category, every product, every topic and every page in your store.



  • Having Slider in top of every page you want!
  • Displaying Text and Image together
  • Animated transitions
  • 3 different slide templates

In future:

  • Multilingual support
  • Multistore support
  • Add specific tab for slider in each section (categories, products, topics and …) to manage sliders better and easier
  • Add more slider templates
  • Direct connection to products, categories and other entities in slides
  • Users can modify animation and transition types



You can download and use this plugin for 30 days. In this demo period, you have only one slider in your store with maximum 2 slides.






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